The genius of Wynn; Wilmot charges ahead

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Steve Wynn doesn’t wrap his hotels in bronze glass just because he likes the color. No, he has determined that the light passing through it makes his guests look more attractive “in macau_wynnrooms that have warmer light … One of the things that happens with glass is that the wavelength of the light affects the color palette on the inside of the room,” he told the Boston Globe, sounding anything like your standard-issue casino owner.

It’s not any old bronze glass, either, but a custom-made blend, to be found only at Wynn Resorts properties. Likewise, when all types of artificial turf were inspected and found lacking, “Wynn lawn” was invented to Continued >>

Blast from the past

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It’s time to revive the S&G tradition of a Friday film festival. Thanks to Bellagio Director of Productions Frank Coccaro for pointing the way to these nostalgia-inducing clips.

Continued >>

Nazarian’s luck, Caesars’ hoard

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Sam Nazarian won’t be able to have an operational role in the casino at SLS Las Vegas but he’ll be able to participate in its revenue stream now that he is finally the holder of a Nevada Nazariangaming license — albeit a heavily conditional one. Howard Stutz‘s Twitter feed contains such a vivid tweet-by-tweet account that any further synopsis feels almost superfluous. The hearing had a Kabuki-theatre quality to it: testimonials to Nazarian, statements of contrition from the man himself, pro forma scolding from the Nevada Gaming Commission and then a unanimous vote in his favor. However, the Commission imposed a couple of additional terms on Nazarian’s highly provisional license, including making the mandatory drug testing more … intimate. A bit of unplanned drama was added when Nazarian hanger-on Derrick “Smokey” Armstrong showed up, attempting to testify, only to be arrested on outstanding warrants. (Why couldn’t he have said his peace, then been cuffed?)

Among yesterday’s revelations was that Nazarian had fathered a child out of wedlock, which might explain help explain why Continued >>

Icahn saves Taj, kinda sorta

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Trump Taj Mahal‘s fate seesaws by the day, if not the hour. According to the New York Post, Unite-Here Local 54 “got pretty much what it wanted” from Carl Icahn and “all work rules” will be reinstated. Icahn did persuade Local 54’s Robert McDevitt to put pension payments icahninto a Taj-only fund, the one significant concession made by the union, other than the abandonment of its bankruptcy-court appeal. Gov. Chris Christie (R) and his gaming-industry liaison, Jon Hanson, were credited with bringing all parties together. According to the union, Trump Entertainment Resorts CEO Robert Griffin put his signature on the pact … and then Icahn got cold feet.

The mogul promises this won’t be the Taj’s doom. He’s ponied up $20 million, writing, “Even though I believe that Atlantic City will be great again someday, many people would still argue that it would be a better financial decision for me to let the Taj close. But I cannot be so callous as to let 3,000 hardworking people lose their jobs.” McDevitt’s reaction was, “We and everybody else thought we could start Continued >>

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