Indian givers on Capitol Hill; Revel powers up

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Arizona‘s congressional delegation is willing to gamble $1 billion of your and my dollars to keep the Tohono O’odham Nation from having a casino. At the moment, Sen. John
(R) and his junior henchmen are plotting to stick their hypocritically titled Keep the Promise Act onto some piece of must-pass legislation and thwart the tribe in that manner. (When it comes to keeping promises involving Native Americans, Congress’ moral authority is dubious at best.) However, the Congressional Budget Office warns that if the Tohono O’odham sue — as appears certain they will — for not be allowed to make the highest and best use of their land, taxpayers could be on the hook for as much as $1 billion in legal fees, since the law will increase federal spending.

The lone voice of sense in the Arizona delegation belongs to Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D), who warns,  Continued >>

Elaine Wynn has left the building

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Votes are still being audited but the bottom line from Wynn Resorts‘ board election is this: Elaine Wynn is out and the company’s two preferred candidates have been reelected. “The manner in which the existing board has handled the company’s third-largest shareholder and fellow board member, Elaine P. Wynn, the resulting proxy contest, all too public dispute and the continuing multiyear decline in the company’s stock price, compel us to support the dissident,” Egan-Jones Proxy Services advised in vain.

Ms. Wynn’s lawsuit to sever control of her shares from Continued >>

Caesars and Gilbert, separate but together

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Dan Gilbert‘s ThistleDown Racino has been losing business to Hard Rock Rocksino, so Gilbert is pushing back with $70 million in upgrades. “Our initial investment in ThistleDown thistledownhas been a tremendous success and now we’re ready to introduce a new level of entertainment and dining options to this area,” said General Manager Rick Skinner, putting an upbeat spin on the move. The racino’s only been open two years, so the flurry of changes comes as a bit of a surprise.

The myriad improvements will include Continued >>

Shame on Arizona; Big plans for Gold Strike

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With Gov. Doug Ducey opposed, along with a state gaming agency that refuses to OK its casino, the Tohono O’odham Nation has to decide whether to insist upon a December opening or bow to the state’s objections. Despite having lost time and again in federal courts, Arizona state officials maintain that the Tohono O’odham committed “fraud and misrepresentation” to place a casino within a county island adjacent to Glendale. The tribe has allies in Glendale city council, which is counting on revenue sharing to shore up its sagging finances. “Please get out of the way and let us Continued >>

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