Crash landing

Over the last two days, while I’ve been at home, supervising having the roof put back on our house (seriously!), some of you have been kind enough to send variations of this story. It will soon be the subject of a two-part “Question of the Day.” In the meantime, let me just say that even for Vegas it’s one of the dumbest, tackiest, most unrealistic concepts ever pitched here … so much so that it almost makes Bob Stupak‘s Titanic replication seem reasonable. I’m surprised by the gullibility of the blogosphere, which has taken project pitchman Gary Goddard‘s assumptions at face value and then some. Besides, the Internet is already abuzz with Trekkies throwing hissy fits that it’s the wrong iteration of the U.S.S. Enterprise (i.e., not that of The Original Series). For others, Goddard will forever be remembered as the director of Masters of the Universe, a potential theme-park attraction that mistook itself for a movie — although nobody told Frank Langella, who plays Skeletor like a cosmic Richard III.

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